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Oasis Website Message Boards
can be found on the
OASIS site. There are also suggestions for links to
other sites.

ASPERGER mailing list at:
[email protected]

Join by sending email to: [email protected]

Contact the listowners at: [email protected]


A self-advocacy group run by and for autistic persons.
They welcome families but their main focus is on the
issues of those on the Autistic Spectrum.

[email protected]

GRASP‘s group: For those who are not yet GRASP subscribers, please note that the only way to join this group is to first go to GRASP’s website and subscribe to the “General International” elist, or to one of the regional networks. This is all free, and can be accomplished easily by hitting the “subscribe” button at the top of the homepage, and then by following the instructions.
For Teens and Adults: is a website that serves as an online community and resource for those who have Asperger’s, but also to serve those who have to interact with those individuals.

Yahoo Groups

There are specialty groups set up on Yahoo that anyone can join at no cost. One group is Single Parents of Autism. In order to join these groups you have to set up a Yahoo account. Go to and click on “register”. You will be walked through the steps to register for a free account. When you have completed this process you can search through the many available groups for “autism” or go directly to ones you have heard about (e.g. single parents of autism.)*

To avoid getting unwanted business solicitations sent
via Yahoo to your regular email, go to,
sign in if necessary (click the sign in link and and
enter your username and password,) and click on Account
Info in the upper left corner. You will need to enter
your password again. Look at your profile- immediately
under your email address you will see “Edit your
marketing preferences.” Click on that and set everything
to ‘No.’ Save Changes (the button at the bottom). Once
that’s done, carry on – a very useful service but worth
taking that precaution! 🙂

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