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For advocacy and/or referral services, use our Intake/Referral Form, or call 888-918-9198, and we will return your contact as soon as possible. Please be as thorough as possible in your completion of the Advocacy and Referral Form or voice message so that our staff can appropriately prepare to assist you.

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Spectrum Services (
Spectrum Services is a cooperative of independent practices and organizations who have joined together for the benefit and convenience of clients. They are professionals who have worked for many years with individuals on the autism spectrum, trauma, and other related developmental, social, psychological, and psychiatric conditions.


Our Sunny World logoAn AHA Advisory Board Member has visited Russia on several occasions to assist Our Sunny World. In October of 2016, Our Sunny World founder, Igor Shpirsberg and his Assistant Director, Daria Blinova, visited the United States and met with Dr. Stephen Shore and Pat Schissel, Executive Director of AHA. All attended one of AHA’s adult support groups at Spectrum Services in New York City. Planning is currently underway for AHA to assist with Our Sunny World support groups. Read More…