Family Issues Including Siblings

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Family Issues Including Siblings

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Ants in His Pants: Absurdities and Realities of Special Education

Michael F. Giangreco Price: $ 22.95

In cartoon format, with wit and humor the author will change your thinking by taking a lighter look at the often comical and occasionally harsh truth in the ever-changing field of special education.

Are You Alone on Purpose?
Nancy Werlin
Reading level: Young Adult Price
Not currently available except through resellers

Harry and Alison are the worst of enemies. But when Harry suffers a paralyzing accident and his father, a rabbi, begins to tutor Alison’s autistic twin brother for his bar mitzvah, the two begin to find comfort from each other. “A moving portrayal of two remarkable teenagers.”–School Library Journal

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants : More Absurdities and Realities of Special Education
Michael F. Giangreco, Kevin Ruelle (Illustrator) Price: $ 22.95

“I cannot imagine anyone in our field reading Flying by the Seat of Your Pants and not chuckling at the hidden truths playfully captured by these cartoons” Michael Wehmeyer, Ph.D.

Ian’s Walk: A Story about Autism

Laurie Lears, Karen Ritz (Illustrator), Judith Mathews (Editor)
Reading level: Ages 4-8 Price: $ 6.99

American Bookseller named Ian’s Walk a “Pick of the Lists” and wrote, “Lovely pictures bring to life the touching story of how Julie learns to appreciate her younger brother, who has autism. It teaches not only about an often misunderstood disorder, but responsibility, acceptance, appreciation, and love.”

Laughing & Loving With Autism : A Collection of ‘Real Life’ Warm & Humorous Stories
R. Wayne Gilpin Price: $ 9.95

Little Rainman
Karen Sicoli Price: $ 11.53

Picture book written by a mother as if her child were speaking. It describes how a child with autism feels about his environment and its sensory challenges. Good for educating classmates and siblings about the world the child with autism faces.

No One to Play With
Betty B. Osman Price: $15.00

Although this book was written twenty years ago, it is still a very good resource for explaining what a learning disability is, the affect on the individual, and the impact on the family. The author describes these “living disabilities” and explains that social skills, like academic subjects, must be learned and can be taught.


Russell Is Extra Special: A Book About Autism for Children
Charles A., III Amenta Price: $ 8.95

No Image Available

New Autism Sibling Understanding DVD is Designed for All Ages:

Understanding Brothers and Sisters on the Autism Spectrum

A new DVD, produced by Coulter Video, is designed to help siblings understand their brothers and sisters with autism. “Understanding Brothers and Sisters on the Autism Spectrum” includes four programs. The program for siblings 4 through 7 years old features a live narrator interacting with puppets. Two programs, for siblings ages 7 through 12 and age 12 through adult, include interviews with siblings describing how they’ve learned to deal with a wide range of autistic behaviors and found ways to enjoy interacting with their brothers and sisters on the spectrum. The fourth program, designed for parents, describes ways they’ve found to help their children accept and support each other.

The DVD does not cover Asperger syndrome because the company plans to release a second DVD in this series, “Understanding Brothers and Sisters with Asperger Syndrome,” in late August 2007. This DVD will feature interviews with families who are dealing with AS.

Siblings of Children With Autism : A Guide for Families (Topics in Autism)
Sandra L. Harris, Michael D. Powers (Editor) Price: $ 11.53

A parent comment: “This is a great book for parents, and a wonderful resource to have as the years go on. I found the information and suggestions to be straightforward and practical. This is a well-written, concise book”.

Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too
Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish Price: $ 10.40

A parent comment: “If you have more than one child and want to understand the rivalry and bickering and arguing -AND gain insight on useful, practical ways to improve your children’s relationship with each other- then read this book. What makes this book so valuable is that the powerful ideas are presented in a very down-to-earth format”.

The Misunderstood Child : Understanding and Coping With Your Child’s Learning Disabilities
Larry B. Silver, M.D. Price: $ 10.20

This author of this best-selling book, a child psychiatrist, has a great understanding of the struggles faced by parents of any special needs child. He is expert at providing good, solid information in a manner that is organized and supportive. Highly recommended.



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