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  Teen Asperger Syndrome

High Functioning Autism Support

+ And Families of Teens in Transition at same time, same location


Teen Group:


(the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership),

in partnership with AHA, offers a Teen Asperger Syndrome/High-Functioning

Autism Monthly Support Group. Ages 13 to 19.

Family of Teens in Transition Group:
Families of Teens in Transition is facilitated by Stacy Rebello, parent and advocate. This group helps families at a very important time in their teens’ lives and meets at the same date, time and building as the teen group. Please call AHA at 888.918.9198 or e-mail [email protected] for further information.

Children will not be admitted to meetings; we regret any inconvenience, but the presence of young children is distracting to participants.


Dates for 2015 on Saturdays from 12:00pm to 2:00pm


 January  10, 2015
 February  7
 March  14
 April  11
 May  9
 June  13 (at AHA Picnic)
 July  18
 August  (no meeting)
 September  12
 October  17
 November  14
 December  12




YAI Brentwood – 555 Washington

Ave., Brentwood, NY


further information:

Call AHA’s office at 888.918.9198.

Teens/Families: Go to to sign up for GRASP notices.

Family Members: AHA has information and a support groups for you. The Families of Teens in Transitions that takes place on Saturdays at the same time as the Teen group and the Families of Older Teens and Adult group that takes place the first Thursday of the month at this location at 7:00pm.

For further information: go to the main page of our website and sign up for the AHA e-News.

News articles, research abstracts and news of the group will be sent to your email address in blind copy.

For support there are monthly meetings in Brentwood or Manhattan which you may attend without calling ahead.

Information can be found at: Families of Older Teens & Adults Support Groups
or Manhattan Evening Support Groups.


meetings for teens (13 years old to 19 years old) with

Asperger’s Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and related

conditions. These meetings are only

for the teens. They are facilitated by Branden, a member

of GRASP and Cliff Elkind, a High School teacher and dad of an Aspie.


clinicians, other family members may not attend the

meetings – they are only for the teens.


format and subject material are geared towards individuals

with AS/HFA only. One month each year is spent discussing

and picking out topics for the remainder of the year.

The sessions begin with new members introducing themselves,

our month’s topic is discussed, and at the end of

the meeting any new areas of concern are brought to

the group. Generally there are between 14-18 young

men and women at the meetings.




[email protected]



 March  14  April  11  May  9  June  13 (at AHA Picnic)  July  18  August  (no meeting)  September  12  October  17  November  14  December  12
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