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Printable versionThose with Autism Spectrum Disorder [ASD] may exhibit the following:


  • awkward and clumsy
  • naive and gullible
  • poor eye contact
  • difficulty developing peer relationships
  • at risk of victimization (bullying) by peers
  • inappropriate body language or facial expression
  • problems recognizing the nuances of social interaction
  • difficulty understanding other’s feelings or emotions, but once aware will have an appropriate degree of compassion


  • inability to maintain reciprocal [give and take] conversation
  • extreme literal use and interpretation of language
  • unusual speech patterns: repetitive speech,
    abnormal tone and/or volume, irrelevant remarks, stilted/formal manner, tendency to lecture others


  • easily upset by changes in routine
  • rigid, ritualistic behavioral patterns
  • fixation on one subject or object
  • repetitive movements, thoughts and/or speech
  • peculiar eating patterns


  • emotional sensitivity and under/overreaction
  • fears and anxiety
  • hyper/hypo-sensitivity to sensory stimuli (sounds, light, taste, touch, odors, pain)
  • physical awkwardness
  • problems with spatial awareness
  • creative thinking and unconventional problem solving
  • exceptional skills (e.g., memory, music, art, math)
  • sleeping difficulties



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